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Are you ready to alert, triage, contain and eradicate a cyber threat?

About This Webinar

The growing complexity and sophistication of cyber-attacks has driven an evolution of the current cyber security legislation, strengthening the regulatory framework by extending the scope of application, but more critically vastly reducing the time to report an incident.

Is your business adequately prepared to alert, triage, contain and eradicate a threat efficiently before it causes irreparable damage?

Traditional process to investigate a cyber-attack is the IR mass-triage aimed to analyze the network, endpoints, and logs to reconstruct the attack timeline.

However, this process can be time consuming and often complicated by lack of visibility or data, generating risk of wrong statements shared to the Authorities and posing additional pressure upon the Company.

Join us on Tuesday, February 14. Stefano Maccaglia, Practice Manager Incident Response at NetWitness, will show you how to act promptly in these situations removing the threat, handling communications, and mitigating any further exposure in a timely fashion

In addition, you will learn:

  • How to discover the magnitude of the attack
  • How promptly reconstruct the dynamics of an attack
  • What drives the attacker to target the Company
  • How to successfully expel the intruders
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EMEA Practice Manager Incident Response at NetWitness, an RSA Business
Stefano Maccaglia is leading NetWitness’s Incident Response (IR) services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.
Since he joined RSA in 2013, he has investigated and solved numerous incidents for enterprises, spanning ransomware, cyber espionage, industrial control systems attacks, and much more.

Prior to this role, Stefano held various research and consultant positions, where he worked for worldwide organizations like Digital, HP and Accenture. He holds a degree from Sapienza Università di Roma, and various cybersecurity certifications.
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